Corporations & Businesses

Global Discoveries is a professional lost and unclaimed asset location and recovery firm specializing in connecting these assets with their rightful owners. We offer expertise gained through more than 100 years of combined experience and a track record of recovering tens of millions of dollars for numerous government agencies, businesses, and nonprofit organizations.

We have invested heavily in proprietary technology that helps us identify and recover unclaimed and lost assets belonging to large and small companies of all  types.  Global Discoveries has focused much of its efforts over the years on recovering unclaimed and lost assets for a variety of businesses from Fortune 500 Companies to the smallest of businesses all over America.  Companies and businesses all change and evolve as time goes on. Many of the changes that take place result in numerous mergers, acquisitions, name changes, fictitious business name filings, address changes, asset sales, bankruptcies, takeovers, ownership sales and transfers, bankruptcies, etc. These evolving changes sets the stage for assets of all kinds to be lost or misplaced.

Our team is comprised of highly educated professionals, many with advanced and professional degrees.  This knowledge and expertise gives us a better insight on the needs of our clients.

Through an intensive discovery process, Global Discoveries researches and analyzes hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of records relating to unclaimed or lost assets. Most of the data we analyze is not readily available with a simple web search and is typically not discoverable on the internet or available to be claimed through any state escheated funds website.   These sources include hundreds of Federal, State, City, County, US Territory and foreign jurisdictions, many of which are exempt from state escheat laws.  Additionally, many of the unclaimed or lost assets we locate are from sources where our clients’ rights to claim funds may be extinguished by the passage of time.

After our detailed analysis on each claim, we then put the puzzle together showing the history of our client’s corporate lineage and how they are now the legal successors in interest to the named company and rightful claimants to the assets located.

Our Proprietary Technology combined with our experience in the world of business has made us the success we are today.

Some Of Our Corporate and Business Clients:

Success Stories

Sunset Lake Construction Management, Inc.  – GD 36492  – $64,834.99

“Amy was in constant contact with me regarding this effort. Smooth transition, a team player, knowledgeable and a very quick turnaround!”

Database Business Systems  – GD 36701  – $50,216.92

“The service overall was excellent, and the claims manager was amazing. From the very first contact from them was very professional, and yet very personable at the same time. They always took time to answer all of our questions and explain the process. They answered or returned phone calls in a timely manner, as well as emails. When issues came up our claim’s manager would say, “Don’t worry, I will take care of it, that is what I do,” and she did. Thank you, Global Discoveries.”

California 544 Properties – GD 36305 – $30,466.76

“Everything about this company was superb. Very professional and involved and informative. I am extremely satisfied!!”

National Emporium, Inc. – GD 37773 – $172,155.0

“Amy Elmer was very nice, very professional, and I really appreciate her service and I would like to thank her very much.”

Total Medical Supplies – $81,300.32

“The clarity of the documents and complete explanation about the process, and of course, They were professionalism and patience to answer all of my questions. Thank you.”