Asset Recovery Process

  1. Locating Assets: Global Discoveries’ highly trained individuals and proprietary software locate dormant assets and unclaimed funds from a multitude of sources.
  2. Identifying Parties Due Assets or Funds (Parties of Interest): A wholly separate workgroup within our company reviews volumes of private and public documents to determine which parties, businesses, individuals, and estates have rights to the assets or funds.
  3. Locating Clients: Our highly trained team of research professionals, skip tracers and private investigators use every tool available to locate our clients. We utilize several subscription databases, online public record databases and have even knocked on the doors of relatives and former neighbors to find our clients. This is the most time-consuming and costly part of the recovery process and can take from one month to several years.
  4. Contact by Claims Manager: Each potential client is assigned to one of our claims managers. The assigned claims manager contacts the party of interest and determines the most effective way of claiming the funds. The claims manager then prepares a simple contingency agreement outlining the terms of the transaction.
  5. Preparing and Submitting Claims: Post Claim Follow Up and Tracking:
    1. Document preparation: Once you agree to become a client of Global Discoveries, our team of claims processors prepares all documents, pleadings, declarations and affidavits required to document the rights to the assets or funds.
    2. Delivery of documents to client: Our claims processors then arrange to have the documents delivered to our party of interest to be executed and returned to Global Discoveries.
    3. Claim assembly and quality control: Once the documents are returned to our claims processing department, the claim package is assembled. It then goes through two additional quality control levels before it is filed with the holder of the assets or funds.
    4. Notification that the claim has been filed: A confirmation letter is sent informing our client when the claim was submitted and approximately when to expect payment.
  6. Communication and Follow Up: Our claims processing team receives and answers all correspondences and questions from the asset holders and ensures that all timelines are met. In the rare event that outside legal assistance is required to receive payment, Global Discoveries handles all aspects of the process and advances all expenses.
  7. Determination and Payment of Claim: We will notify you when the asset holder approves your claim. Once those funds are received, we will forward a check to you with a final accounting and customer survey.