Affiliate FAQ

How do I/we become a partner with Global Discoveries?

It’s simple! Just register on our website under Affiliate Registration. Your information will be sent to our management team for review and consideration. It’s important to fully complete the registration form so the approval process is not delayed.

How long does the partnership approval process take?

The approval process should take between 1-2 weeks.

How does your Partnership Program work and wha tare its benefits?

Working with Global Discoveries has many advantages! We are fully staffed with professionals that are experts in all aspects of the business of discovering and recovering unclaimed or lost assets. In addition, we house unclaimed funds data that most locators don’t have easy access to. In many circumstances, working together vs. apart makes more sense. Working with a well-established locator company can often prove to be more beneficial vs. trying to close some of the harder deals on your own. Time is money and deals need to be closed sooner vs. later!

Is there a written agreement to be executed?

Yes! Once you are approved you will be emailed one of our partnership agreements to execute. Our agreements vary and are tailored towards the specific type of business arrangement we agree upon. Please feel free to view an example of our standard partnership agreement by clicking here.

Can I/We work as a sub-contracted vendor of Global Discoveries?

Yes! Many of our competitors have found it easier to work directly with us so that they can utilize our unclaimed funds data and our unique technology so they can focus on selling vs. processing claims till they are paid. This arrangement allows for full access to our highly experienced staff so that we can assist you in all aspects of discovery and recovery process.

How will I/We be assured Global Discoveries won’t go after my/oiur client(s) and take the money and run?

We pride ourselves in being honest, ethical and professional. Some of our current partnerships were formed on a handshake and continue to this day based on that old world concept. However, moving forward and for the benefit and security of all parties, we thoroughly outline all our business relationships in a written agreement. That agreement protects all parties from any such issues.

Who processses the claim for the funds?

Usually Global Discoveries will process the claim if it is for one of our current clients. If the client is our partner’s clients then the partner will process the claim. The process can and will vary on a case by case basis depending on the situation. Often we may even have a third party, attorney file claim on the client’s behalf.

Who does the skip tracing work to locate the client?

It can be either Global Discoveries or the Partner or perhaps a combination of both.

Will Global Discoveries front all costs to obtain the funds?

Yes! If and when necessary, we will front and pay all costs necessary to obtain the unclaimed funds on behalf of the client. In addition, if one of our Claims Managers is responsible for closing a transaction then they are paid a standard internal commission which is treated as an expense to the partnership. There will be a charge back by Global Discoveries for a full reimbursement of all cost paid by us prior to a commission split and disbursement of the net proceeds between Global Discoveries and our partner.

Will Global Discoveries hire an attorney if needed to obtain the funds?

Yes! When and if necessary, we will hire legal counsel. We have a many relationships with attorneys that work with us all over the country. We utilize their services on our probate cases and on cases where we need to fight harder than normal to obtain the unclaimed funds from the holder of the funds.

Once a claim is filed do I/we get monthly status reports on the process?

We welcome our partners to inquire about the status of a claim at any time. However, we prefer they log in to our database to obtain relevant status updates on the claim process. We give each partner access to our web based computer system so that they can follow the entire claim process from start to finish.

Can I/we use your unclaimed data search program to look for money for my clients?

Yes! Once you have become an approved partner we give you a higher level of access than we offer to the general public.

How and when do I/we get paid?

You get paid when we do. We usually pay the client and our partners within 1-2 weeks from receiving payment from the holder of the unclaimed funds. We provide our partners and clients with a full accounting of all income and expenses related the claim along with all related backup documentation.

Can I/we just refer a client to you and get paid?

Yes! If you wish to only refer a client to us because you have located their funds on our unclaimed funds data base and wish to do nothing further. However, your fee split with us will be less than in a standard partnership where we share responsibilities equally.

Can I/we get paid in advance of Global Discoveries being paid and if so what happens if the claim is ever denied and not paid out?

Yes! On a case by case basis, we may approve an advance payout to our partners. However, when this is done it usually reduces the total percentage split to the partner since Global Discoveries will be taking on all the risk and liabilities should the claim not be paid out as expected.

Can I/we just refer unclaimed asset information to you and get paid?

Yes! If you have located unclaimed funds that Global Discoveries does not know about and that is not part of our current business then we will happy to work with you. We will pay you when the client is signed and the claim is paid out.

What is the commission split between Global Discoveries and the partner?

A commission split can vary greatly depending on the individualized claim, the complexity of the claim, who is doing what portion of the work necessary to fully process the claim to payment. A commission split can also vary depending on the overall relationship between Global Discoveries and the partner. The fee split will be fairly negotiated prior to any partnership agreement being executed or any transaction being consummated. Please call for more information on this topic.

If I/we refer another partner to Global Discoveries do I/we get paid a referral fee?

Yes! We will pay you a referral fee if you refer other partners to us and they end up entering into the direct partnership program with us. Please call to request more information on this topic.

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