The Cash-Now Program

Get Your Client Paid Now

Getting paid on a claim is difficult and often met by unforeseen obstacles that can cause unwanted and lengthy delays. Due to the governing law, processing requirements imposed by the fund holder or excessive bureaucratic red tape, it often takes a very long time to get paid … sometimes too long. We are here to help. Global will purchase all or a portion of your client’s claim with cash now. No more statutory waiting periods. No more bureaucratic delays. No more waiting.

With the Cash-Now Advantage Program offered by Global Discoveries, your client can now

Foreclosure Pay off those bills Buy A Car Buy that new car
Family Holding Hands By House Help that family member Pay Rent Pay the rent
DebtOnGuy Take that needed vacation Pay Rent Cover that emergency


No matter the reason. If your client doesn’t want to wait any longer to be paid, we want to be there to help.

No more risk either. You know as a professional locator that a claim is never certain until the funds are paid and in your hand. Until then there is always a risk that the claim will be denied and your client will walk away with nothing. When we purchase your clients claim we assume all the risk that the claim could be denied. Your client can take the cash now with the comfort of knowing that it’s theirs to keep. Best of all is that we will pay you a generous referral fee for the opportunity to help your client. That way you can earn more money above your commission. You work hard and deserve to be rewarded. Let’s us help make that happen.

  • No more waiting because your client’s claim is paid now
  • No risk that your clients claim may be denied in the future because you client gets paid now
  • You earn more by a generous referral from us in addition to your agreed fee with the client

Through our Cash-Now Advantage program your client gets immediate risk free cash and you get paid more: truly a Win-Win situation!

Get Your Fee Paid Now

It can take years to get your fee paid on a claim but sometimes you can’t wait. Whether you are new to the business and need a helping hand to pay current expenses, or retiring from the business and want to cash out, or simply want some extra cash now for any reason, we can advance some or all of your future fee. You don’t have to wait any longer. You can get paid right now!

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