Local counties, cities, towns leaving unclaimed money on the table

Many local cities, towns and counties are hurting for money these days, so why aren’t they collecting easy money?

Every year thousands of New Yorkers find money in their name on the NYS Comptroller’s unclaimed funds website. But we found many local governments are not always cashing in on the unclaimed cash.

The city of Schenectady is listed multiple times on the unclaimed funds website – we asked Mayor Gary McCarthy about that and he said while he wasn’t aware of the current listings, the city does check the site at some point every year. He says they have cashed in on funds in the past.

Albany County also has a number of listings. County Executive Dan McCoy says he’d be thrilled if the county can collect some of that money. He says at times county officials have checked the website, but the funds listed aren’t always actually county money. He didn’t elaborate.

You can find listings for the NYS Senate and Assembly on the site, and multiple listings for the Governor.

Other notables who have unclaimed funds coming their way – Mick Jagger, Jeff Bezos, John Grisham and Andre Agassi.