Pennsylvania officials working to return millions in unclaimed cash

Millions of dollars is just sitting there and some of it could be yours. Pennsylvania State Treasurer Stacy Garrity says her office has located $110 million in money and valued items belonging to current and past residents of Bucks County.

“How lucky are you feeling?” asked FOX 29’s Shawnette Wilson.

“I’m pretty good on scratch cards,” said Ryan Stewart.

In a matter of seconds, Shawnette figured out that Ryan’s luck begins and ends at scratch offs.

Krystal Dischinger gave it a try as well.

“Basically the state announced there is $100M in unclaimed money available to residents and they’re trying to get that money back to people,” Shawnette explained.

We got her to check the state website.

“No. Nothing. Nothing was found,” said Dischinger.

Will the third time be the charm?

“My name comes up. It says the holder is Aetna Life Insurance Company under $100,” said Jackie Reinhart.

This could be you too.

“One out of 10 Pennsylvanians have unclaimed property and the average claim is about $2,000s. It could be from a dormant bank account, it could be from a property, tangible items for a state deposit box, a police evidence room, colleges, or nursing homes. It could be an old retirement account from a job they had years ago,” said Garrity.

She says this is a perfect time to find money.

“We have so many people out of work and so many small businesses that really have been hurt through this pandemic,” she said.

It’s easy. All you have to do is search the PA Treasury website. You can search any state.

If you searched the site and it turns up nothing there may still be something in it for you. The county is also getting a hefty check that may help the community.

Treasurer Garrity made the announcement about unclaimed money recently on a visit to Doylestown where she presented a check to county officials.

Bucks County also had unclaimed money.

“We’re in discussion to possibly benefit the children of the county, maybe funnel it back into our children and youth, possibly mental health area of drug and alcohol,” said Kris Ballerini.

She’s the Bucks County Treasurer who located the lost funds and worked with the state to get them back.

“It took about six months to diligently look up misspellings, departments and different addresses. It can happen for example if we issue a check to pay a bill and they are now are going to refund us. We’ve overpaid in this case. But then the check goes to the wrong address, or the wrong department and it never cashes. Then after a certain amount of time you send it up to the state as unclaimed funds,” said Ballerini.

She says one of the larger amounts found will go back to the county retirement fund for county employees.

“It was quite a payday for sure,” she said.