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Global Discoveries is proud to represent an expanding range of clients that include large financial institutions, governmental agencies, small to medium-sized businesses, nonprofits, trusts, estates and individuals. Our well established client base is due to the fact that Global Discoveries is the industry leader at locating and collecting unclaimed funds, but we know that no one is perfect.

There may be an occasion when another professional recovery service, like yours, has found funds due one of our clients that we may have yet to spot. When that happens “we want to share our client with you” … that helps our client, that helps you and that helps us. Have you found funds for an institution or business? Check our published list of our institutional clients or call us for names of others.

“We Can Help You Close The Deal”

Likewise, due to the depth of our unclaimed funds data, we know there are many occasions when we are the first to become aware of unclaimed funds available to clients whom already have an established relationship with another recovery service, like yours. When that happens “We want to share our data with you” … that helps your client, that helps you and that helps us. Call and give us the name of your client to run against our proprietary database or do a limited search yourself by clicking here.

“Allow Us To Do The Finding For You”

Let’s Navigate The Maze Together!

We Want You!

At Global Discoveries we view other professional recovery companies as opportunities rather than competition. We are always looking for ways to work with other professionals in order to achieve the best result for the client. Whether you are interested in working under the Global Discoveries umbrella or simply want to partner on a single deal, we want you.

What Does Global Discoveries Bring To The Table?

  1. We are a “One Stop Shop” for current and comprehensive unclaimed funds data that we derive from a multitude of public and private sources.
  2. We have the knowledge and expertise that comes from processing and filing a wide variety of claims in dozens of jurisdictions throughout the nation.
  3. We utilize proprietary information technology and best-in-class customer management tools.
  4. We offer marketing channels that include our syndicated website, print and digital campaigns.
  5. We are a funding source for purchasing your client’s claims.

Whether we can share our data or share our client with you. Whether you want to join our team on a single claim or as an ongoing affiliate partner. We want to find a way to work with you!

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